About me pages are my least favourite of all pages. You feel all this pressure to summarise yourself, your life and the essence of your being in just a few sentences. So, I’m just going to try to break it down in sections and ramble on. Feel free to read it, or don’t. Whatevs.


Work is something that I refuse to rule my life. I understand that work is necessary to enjoy the lifestyle I am accustomed to within the current structure of society. That being said, I refuse to work for assholes and I don’t work for companies that are not inline with my moral compass. I also refuse to work for employers who expect me to give up my life for them. I will come to work, I will kick ass, I will be straight up and honest about everything I do – but I won’t take my work home and I refuse to play office politics.

So what is it that I do? I am, officially, a perm part time employee with the super fancy title of Web Content Administrator. However, that title doesn’t give any meaning to what I do. I am the social media strategist, online marketing department, copy writer, brand representative and all round kick ass rockstar.

I also offer my services on a freelance basis. I’m pretty picky with that too. I once had a client who constantly touched my laptop screen with his pointer finger. I asked him to stop. He didn’t. I stopped working with him. Sigh. I also turned down a very lucrative position at a fashion label simply because they imported fur. I feel really lucky that I am able to pick and choose the work I participate in.

I leave the best for last – StaffByMaff. It is my most recent and most exciting venture. I am the brand representative for the StaffByMaff fashion label in Australia. I sell, distribute and promote their stunning clothes here in Australia. This partnership just kind of happened super naturally… I started off as a client, buyer, supported and before I knew it I had created an online community of Australian fans of StaffByMaff. If you want to check it out, just look up StaffByMaff Australia on your Facebook, or… ya know… follow the link.


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